Research & Investigation

The foundation of our output. This is where we get to "play" a lot and aim for no specific products. Pure Research as they say. Sometimes we plan a series of concurring experiments, both in hardspace as well as gedankenexperimente, along a clear path (->Closing the Loop) but other experiments evolve from sheer chance or are being brought in by guests and people of our liking (->workshops, open lab).

We welcome expressions of interest in collaborations, whether from hermetic tinkerers or highly funded research labs. There are things all over to be looked into.

The input of our laboratory comes from the Think Tank
The output of our laboratory is tested in Field Research

Now or Upcoming


24th April - 6th May 2009



since spring 2009

Industrial Comfort Zone
Ongoing productions & development. Ring for appointment or a date as guinea pig. ring or write to

Previous and ongoing


TwixtVille – VerflixtVille

23 -25.10.2008

Luminous Green


Know the Ropes - Party

28/29-06 2008

Narrative Strategies

23-06 2008

"Let's put the future behind us"


We can go on forever

20/21-07 2007

Data Ecologies 07

21-09 2006

Presentation of Protocol I with Dextro & Martijn Tellinga, + DJ Dicer, September 21st, 9pm


Simply a Party

03-08 2006

AsTron - spielen um zu testen! with our happy Artists in Residence, Zden Hlinka (Bratislava, Slovakia) & Martin Greunz (Linz/Wien)


Ein Schiff am Himmel Präsentation, Diskussion, Schiffswässerung at Time`s Up

12-06 2006

Those damn Robots --- It's Alive!!!! --- workshop, party, presentation, information,8p.m.


BodySPIN - Public Experiment at Time`s Up Labs - 8p.m.


it don`t mean a thing ig it aint got that swing Public Experiment with Zden Satori Time`s Up


punkrock changed our life Los Bros Krispel & the Hypes at Time`s Up


come on down into the engine room<

12.05 - 14.05.2005

Data Ecology Workshop Part II at the Time's Up laboratories

03.10.2004-21:00 CET

Taking a look at the past is not only useful for beginners: Lost in the Archives - Industrial Culture for Beginners at the Time`s Up Labs gives a short overview about the radical impacts that art had at a time where design

13.09.2004-20:00 CET

AustralianArtist Alex Davies talks about Lanfranchi`s Memorial Discothequea very special and unique place in Sydney. Another edition of cultural exhange at the Time`s Up Labs

03.09.2004 - 00:00 CET

What`s it like to be a Chinese citizien in good old Europe. Reflections of differnt cultural aspects in a very direct and individual way on the Ferry to Hong Kong

23.07.2004 - 21:00 CET

Time`s Up in association with David Mochida Krispel presented The Timothy Carey Night - the GOD of the psychotronic cinema

24.10.2003 - 20:00 CET

Lecture about the construction of experimental situations an the future and ongoing productions of Time`s Up


ALONE & FORSAKEN at Time's Up / Linz / Austria
Exploring the dark heart of country and western music. Hank, the Red Headed Stranger and Cash is my money: Multimedia MCs Los Bros Krispel, Bus, August Black & other personalities. Movies, Muzak, Drinks & possibly Squaredance.

30.8.2003 - 14:00 CET

Lecture - construction of experimental situations at the University of Bremen.

8.9.2003 -

DIGITAL EMMY / Lueven / Belgium
Automata 2003 Conference: Lecture on a Noether-like theorem for connecting conservation laws in digital physics with congruence properties of their algebras.

since spring 2003

Sensory Circus / Public Balance Experiences
Ongoing production of Sensory Circus: development of new interfaces & applications. Ring for appointment or a date as guinea pig.

since spring 2002

Inspire Through Transpire

Previous and ongoing

14.06. & 15.06.2003

Dorkbot [two]
As our second dorkbotevent, we are pleased to welcome Joreg, one of the implementors of vvvv for a 2-day workshop and presentation at Time`s up.
Read more:dorkbot [two] - dorkbotlinz

22.04.2003 & 23.04.2003

Dorkbot [one]
Dorkbot operates under the moniker "people doing strange things with electricity". Main aims are the presentations of investigative non-commericial prototypes to like-minded people as well as an accessibility to a broader public. Please face:
As our inaugral dorkbotevent, we are pleased to welcome Klaus Filip, one of the implementors of lloopp for a 2-day workshop and presentation at Time`s up.
Read more:dorkbot [one] - dorkbotlinz

28.03.2003, 29.03.2003

Data Ecologies Workshop
Simulations of physics, Physics as simulation.

A two day workshop investigating the interplay between the simulation of physics for the creation of artificial (data) ecologies, and the possibility that physics (and thus all ecosystems) is itself, a data process.
Here are the Details.


Anchortronic DVD release
Our DVD department worked hard on the Anchortronic DVD. Release party at KAPU/Linz
Radboud Mens (nl), COH aka Ivan Pavlov (ru), Kern/Strohmann/Quehenberger (a) and Jacek Sienkiewicz (pl) will rock the crowd.
Check their webpage for information:
Anchortronic / Release Party info.

fall/winter 2002

Anchortronic DVD near to release
Our DVD department is working hard on the Anchortronic DVD. Release date late winter 02, watch out for it!

28.10.2002 - 02.11.2002

Workshop: Realtime processing - audiovisual Environments Hong Kong/China


Public Balance Experiences
In July, August and September we want you to be a guinea pig! Ring for appointment or email to to be informed.

fall 02

Prop and Nerd stuff
Website feature boost: The Time's Up Videodrome
Beside our mp3 streaming muzak we can now also offer a "Time's Up TV" mp4 video stream, based on Quicktime Streaming Server running on Linux.
Go there and get proped! - needs Quicktime 6 and at least 56kbit/s. -->

22.10.2002 - 29.10.2002

Media Systems - Workshop
Workshop with F0am and Interactive Institute in our laboratory.
Contact us for Details.

winter 2001

BodySPIN++ development
Pulse Race, a new environment for the Spherical Projection INterface, will replace Pulse Fall in the BodySPIN show.
With every pulse of the user's heart, the end of the tunnel leaps away. The tunnel grows in beats, each section heading off; up and down, left and right. Moving steadily forwards without undue exertion allows the user to catch their heart.

autumn/winter 2001

SPIN Exploring Spaces
"SPIN Spaces" is a research series which engages in the investigation of borders of three dimensional euclidean spaces in Virtual Reality (VR) in general and of the borders of those spaces in Time's Up's Spherical Projection Interface (SPIN) in particular. This is an investigation that aims to break the common notion of space in VR.

26.12.2001 - 31.12.2001

Marc 9 works up his experiences in Surround Sound.

1.11.2001 - 8.11.2001

Alex Davies (AUS) composed two songs for the Anchortronic DVD.

26.10.2001 - 28.10.2001

ANCHORTRONIC Workshop 0.5 & 0.6!
STOP.SPOT! gave Anchortronic the opportunity to have Goem (Netherlands) and Stilluppsteypa (Iceland) at their studio to work on Surround Sounds.

22.9.2001 - 28.9.2001

Chicago's TV POW at Anchortronic DVD.

4.8.2001 - 12.8.2001

Closing the Loop Acoustic Space Lab
Time's Up created a net.loop with Jesse Gilbert (Los Angeles) which was broadcasted in short and medium wave by Radio Oesterreich International and Radio 1476.

June 2001

Closing the Loop Experiments
Testing to use brainwaves for generating audio-visual environments. (used our own brains).

12.6.2001 - 20.6.2001

Chris Fortescue (AUS) visited Anchortronic to compose 4 pieces in Surround Sound.

4.6.2001 - 7.6.2001

Golden Tone (Christian Fennesz and Georg Zeitblom) composed a 40 minute 5.1 track in the record breaking time of 4 days. The composition was used as mastertrack at Format5 gig.


Closing the Loop DUST 2905
Another attempt to stream audio and midi data to various bases in Australia, America and Europe to create feedback - loops using the global reel. Accoustically presented at Time's Up with a 5 loudspeaker setup to simulate the movement of sound. Recorded to be presented on the Anchortronic DVD.

May 2001

Michael Strohmann (A) was the first musican in 2001 who gave us the pleasure to be part oft the workshop - sessions within anchortronic.


Obsolete Workshop - ASCIIMILATION


Obsolete Workshop - C-64 music


Obsolete Workshop - Bureau of low technology - BOLT