Public Enterprises

# The Public Enterprises, in some sense the final goal for a lot of the research and development, but also testing ground for redevelopment of theoretical approaches.

Our main project Sensory Circus is embodied in an interactive installation comprising an active, responsive and auto-generative audiovisual and architectonic system.

Smaller projects, such as the CTL public experiments, allow us to approach new groups of users as well as interested collborators in our investigations.

Smaller installation such as Sonic Pong are microstudies in the ways in which the public individual acts and reacts in enhanced haptic/audio/visual environments; situations, if you will.

Research and development happens in our Laboratory

Now or Upcoming


31st January 2009

Lecture at Transmediale in Berlin/Germany



3rd -11th of November 2008

Haip Festival in Ljubljana/Slovenia

5th - 10th February 2008


July 13th - 12th August 2007

Gravitron Scultpure Space, Shanghai/Peoples Republic of China


Time`s Up at Tesla in Berlin/Germany

17th - 21st October 2008

HAIP in Ljubljana/Slovenia


BodySPIN From Flash to Pixel - International new media exhibition. Sensi Sotto Sopra, Teatro Palladio in Rom/Italy


Sonic Pong at Pong-Mythos in Leipzig/Germany


Astron at HAIP in Ljubljana/Slovenia


BodySPIN within Crash Test Dummy in Munich/Germany


BodySPIN within Crash Test Dummy in Budapest/Hungary


The Barbot at the STRP Festival in Eindhoven/Holland


Sensory Circus at the AV:Festival in Newcastle/England


Cavity Resonator in Bergen/Norway

08.09.2005 -17.09.2005

OPERATION CITY Sensory Circus Environments in Zagreb/Croatia

30.05.2005 -31.05.2005

Transient Realitiy Generators Symposium & Performance at Nadine - Brussels/Belgium

20.05.2005 -21.05.2005

Space and Perception at the RIXC Media Space - Riga/Latvia

22.04.2005 -1.05.2005

A collaboration between Kibla, Foam and Time`s up called Transient Reality Generators will show up at KIBLA, Maribor/Slovenia

19.03 - 9.04 2005

And the beat goes on while Sensory Circus visits the EXIT Festival in Creteil / France

10.03 - 20.03 2005

Latest developments and field studies of Sensory Circus will be presented at the at Festival International VIA Maubeuge / France

20.11.2004 - 16 CET

CYNETart_04 awards show in Dresden. A mark of recognition for Time`s Up's Sensory Circus Cheers

09.- 21.11 2004

The Bar Bot is still on the road heading for drinks. This time at DEAF- dutch electronic art festival Rotterdam/Netherlands

03.09.2004 - 07.09.2004

If you are looking for trouble, you came to the right place. Time`s Up's Sensory Circus at the ARS Electronica Festival in Linz / Austria.

05.08.2004 - 07.08.2004

A video-presentation of the Time`s Up works so far and Anchortronic at the VIBIC Expo Festival in Zürich/Switzerland

5.06.2004 – 25.7.2004

RE:LOCATION in Bucharest/Romania . Time`s up presents the Anchortronic DVD as contribution to the Exhibition "Shake the Limits"

5.12.2003 - 01.03.2004

A videodocumentation about SPIN - the Spherical Projection Interface for the "Cinemas Du Futur" exhibition in Lille/France European Cultural Capital.

5.12.2003 - 01.03.2004

The Bar Bot can`t get enough and visits the the opening of the European Cultural Capital Lille/France


The Bar Bot takes a drink at the Roboexotica festival in Vienna/Austria

06. - 13.10 2003

The 5.1 DVD Anchortronic goes abroad again. this time to Newcastle and Chicago

25.7.2003 -

NO CONCEPT / festival garage in Stralsund / Germany
Time's Up shows Anchortronic DVD plus live concerts inf 5.1 surround sound, new developments and a presentation of another Sensory Circus fragment: the lightning district.


Visit us and mutate into a guinea pig
Mechanical mensch-machine interfaces, bar, music and crepes
Time`s Up presents fragements of the new production _Sensory Circus_. Shifting weights, one step forward, one to the side - too late, the planet that passed by gets you directly XXX.
prop postcard:here.

28.2.2003 - 8.3.2003

A Balanced Act at Kibla / Maribor, Slowenia
An Investigation of the balancing body and its mass situated in a gravitational field. We visit Kibla to continue our field research on gravity and balance.
Photos & Video here, prop postcard by KIBLA here.


Public Experiment for a Balanced Enterprise
Visit us in our laboratory for a field research on gravity and balance.


ALKU 17 CD released
Time's Up's participation at ALKU 17. Here is the CD cover.


Anchortronic DVD release party at KAPU/Linz
Radboud Mens (nl), COH aka Ivan Pavlov (ru), Kern/Strohmann/Quehenberger (a) and Jacek Sienkiewicz (pl) will rock the crowd.
Check their webpage for information:
Anchortronic / Release Party info.

15.11.2002 - 30.11.2002

Sonic Pong at Microwave festival
Form Thursday, 15th until 30th of November, Sonic Pong will twist ears and necks at the Microwave festival, Hong Kong / China.

15.10.2002 - 15.11.2002

Anchortronic DVD at Steirischer Herbst
Form 15th of October to 15th of November you can see and hear Anchortronic's 5.1 DVD at the Medienturm in Graz/Austria.

1.8.2002 - 10.8.2002

Sonic Pong in Playground
Form Thursday, 1st until Saturday, 10th of August Times Up shows off their toys at Playground festival in Stralsund / Germany.


Inspire Through Transpire
Public presentation and experiences.


The shortest way to connect East-West is the net. Comprehension problems and transmission errors are here, as elsewhere, pre-ordained. We use these errors as the starting point for TransCodecExpress. It's not a bug, it's a feature!
An audiovisual composition night in the net. 6.6.2002, O.K Centrum fr Gegenwartskunst, Linz, Austria.

28.3.2002 - 6.4.2002

BodySPIN++ at EXIT Festival
EXIT Festival - March, 28th - April, 6th 2002, Crteil, France

15.3.2002 - 23.3.2002

BodySPIN++ at VIA Festival
VIA Festival - March, 15th - 23rd 2002, Maubeuge, France


SPIN Public Experiments
New insights in virtual spaces have been developed in workshops. TIME MAZE!


Anchortronic Presentation
Hear what A. Berthling (SWE), M. Strohmann (AUT), C. Fortescue (AUS), C. Fennesz (AUT), Zeitblom (GER), TV Pow (USA), Goem (NL), Stilluppsteypa (ICE) and ALex Davies (AUS) did to the computer in our new rooms in the first floor.


Time's Up talk
Artrage, afestival taking part in Perth, Western Australie, invites Time's Up to speak on physical, the ethereal and the nature of festivals in this turbulent age.


BodySPIN at Time's Up Lab
Explore your own bodily functions in SPIN. Once again presented in Linz - for all those who haven't had the chance during the ARS-Electronica, with an introduction by Time's Up.


Closing the Loop CTL 01
ANCHORTRONIC Net Loop within the CTL:NET serie.

26.10.2001 - 27.10.2001

STOP.SPOT! - time to drop anchor! a music festival outside the realm of beer tents and the elite of art.
ANCHORTRONIC presents a beta version of their 5.1 Surround Sound DVD.

30.6.2001 - 4.7.2001

Closing the Loop CTL 01 Workshop in Portugal
CTL Workshop at Lugar Comun - Portugal. Using bodyfunctions to create a audio-visual setup.

23.6.2001 - 23.9.2001

Sonic Pong at the Museum d'Art comtemporain
Biennale de Lyon art contemporain, 23.6. - 23.9.2001, Muse d'Art contemporain,


Closing the Loop q_#3
A CTL2001 Public Experiment. Claus Harringer, Boris Schuld and Time's Up are generating sound and images in Druzba/Kapu Linz. Invited from qujOchOE.

11.5.2001 - 27.5.2001

BodySPIN at Akzente Festival
Akzente Festival - March, 15th - 23rd 2001, Duisburg, Germany

3.9.2000 - 7.9.2000

BodySPIN at ARS Electronica Festival
Sick of standing in the third row of the cybermall? A hundret kids in helmets spoiling your game? Losing your sense of perspective, the big picture? Virtual Reality is getting you down?
We can help! SPIN, the radical new whole body Spherical Projection INterface.Real Virtuality.
Fist public Investigation.